Community Economic Development

Here are some resources on the worker cooperatives in Community Economic Development work.

Staff picks

Title Format Source
Creating Better Jobs and a Fairer Economy with Worker Cooperatives PDF Democracy At Work Institute
Local Government Support for Cooperatives PDF Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance
Startups and Replication PDF PHI


Title Format Source
Creating Better Jobs and a Fairer Economy with Worker Cooperatives PDF Democracy At Work Institute
Local Government Support for Cooperatives PDF Philadelphia Area Cooperative Alliance
Concept Paper: Asset Building through Cooperative Business Ownership: Defining and Measuring Cooperative Economic Wealth PDF University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives, “Research on the Economic Impact of Cooperatives” (REIC)
US Worker Cooperatives: A State of the Sector Democracy At Work Institute
Industrial districts and inter-firm co-operation in Italy PDF International Institute for Labor Studies
The Social and Solidarity Economy: Towards an ‘Alternative’ Globalisation PDF UNESCO
Sustainable Economic Democracy: Worker Cooperatives for the 21st Century PDF MIT Community Innovators Lab, The Barr Foundation
Equal Exchange: Doing Well by Doing Good PDF Foundation for Enterprise Development
Low-income & Immigrant Worker Cooperative Formation PDF Urban Justice Center Community Development Project
Building Shared Entrepreneurship PDF Democracy At Work Institute
The Economic Democracy Training Series: Building Leadership for the Next Economy PDF MIT Community Innovators Lab, Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative
Solidarity Economy: Building Alternatives for People and Planet (Papers and Reports from the U.S. Social Forum 2007) PDF
Resilience of the Cooperative Business Model in Times of Crisis PDF International Labour Organiation (ILO)
Worker Cooperatives for New York City: A Vision for Addressing Income Inequality PDF Federation of Protestant Welfare Agencies
Capturing the Imagination of Future Social Entrepreneurs: A Robust University Based Anchor Institution-led Development Model PDF University of Winnipeg Community Renewal Corporation
A Comparative Analysis of Cooperative Sectors in Scotland, Finland, Sweden and Switzerland PDF Cooperative Development Scotland (Scottish Enterprise)
Building a Platform for Economic Democracy: A Cooperative Development Strategy for the Bronx PDF MIT/CoLab
Social Development in an Uncertain World: UNRISD Research Agenda 2010–2014 PDF United Nations/UNRISD
The Anchor Mission: Leveraging the Power of Anchor Institutions to Build Community Wealth: A Case Study of University Hospitals Vision 2020 Program Cleveland, Ohio PDF MIT, The Democracy Collaborative @ The University of Maryland
Creating Jobs through Cooperative Development PDF The National Economic Development & Law Center; Center for Cooperatives, University of California
Worker Cooperative Support System in NYC [ppt] Presentation MIT
The Role of Local Cooperative Development Agencies in Promoting Worker Cooperatives PDF
Democracy at Work Institute/USFWC Press Kit
Preliminary Census of Worker Cooperatives in the United States PDF US Federation of Worker Cooperatives
The Rural Succession Dilemma and the Cooperative Solution PDF Democracy At Work Institute
The Relative Survival of Worker Cooperatives and Barriers to Their Creation PDF Foundation for Enterprise Development
Owning Your Own Job Is A Beautiful Thing: Community Wealth Building in Cleveland, Ohio. PDF The Democracy Collaborative at the University of Maryland
The Communist Party in The Land of Cooperation Word Processor Document MUEC
A Study of the Keys to Success for Start-Up Food Co-ops in Rural Areas PDF Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund, University of Wisconisn Center for Cooperatives
Business Ownership by Workers: Are Worker Cooperatives a Viable Option? PDF Iowa State University Department of Economics
The Valley Alliance of Worker Co-operatives:Exploring the Potential of Co-op Led Development PDF St. Mary's University
Policies for a Shareable City: A Sharing Economy Policy Primer for Urban Leaders PDF ; Sustainable Economies Law Center
The solidarity economy: an alternative development strategy? PDF UNESCO
Startups and Replication PDF PHI
A Targeted Approach to Worker Co-op Development: Lessons from Mondragon and Northern Italy
Building Resilient Sustainable Economies via the Cooperative Sector and Flexible Specialization: Lessons from the Emilia Romagna Region of Italy PDF Appalachian State University
Building Community Economies in Massachusetts: an Emerging Model of Economic Development? PDF Community Economies Collective
On the Pursuit of Federal Funding for Urban Cooperative Development: A Matter of Fairness in Funding
Social Coops and Social Care: An Emerging Role for Civil Society PDF unknown
Subjects of Scale / Spaces of Possibility: Producing Co-operative Space in Theory and Enterprise PDF UMASS-Amherst
Community Economic Development Lawyers and the New Democratic Economy Community Economic Development Clinic at Roger Williams University School of Law
The Cooperative District of Imola: Forging the High Road to Globalization PDF MUEC
Improving the Quality of Home Health Aide Jobs: A Collaboration Between Organized Labor and a Worker Cooperative PDF
Understanding Worker-Owned Cooperatives: a Strategic Guide for Community Organizers PDF Center for Community Change
Jobs and the Urban Poor: Privately Initiated Sectoral Strategies PDF The Aspen Institute, The Ford Foundation, The Mott Foundation
Industry Clusters: Business Choice, Policy Outcome, or Branding Strategy PDF Regional Technology Strategies
Becoming Employee Owned: A Small Business Toolkit for Transitioning to Employee Ownership PDF
Sectoral Strategies for Low-Income Workers: Lessons from the Field PDF Workforce Strategies Initiative, Aspen Institute, The Mott Foundation,
Working and Rebuilding Together: Considerations for the Use of Worker Cooperatives as an Economic Development Tool PDF
Employee Ownership: A Triple Win Solution PDF
Legacy Business: Our opportunity to build wealth, economy, and culture PDF
Raising Our Future Together: How Cooperatives Can Create Better, More Affordable Child Care in NYC Democracy at Work Institute
Asset Protection for Entrepreneurs PDF Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights
Protección de Activos Para Empresari@s PDF Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights