Working With Small Business Cooperatives: A Guide for Public Sector, Private Sector, and Nonprofit Allies

Margaret Lund
Affiliated Organization: 
Business Enterprise Institute at The University of Alaska Anchorage, Democracy at Work Institute
Produced for public sector, private sector, and nonprofit allies of worker cooperatives, Working With Small Business Cooperatives is a guide for the use of worker cooperatives as a proven model for equitable economic development. The resource provides in-depth answers to foundational questions of starting and operating a small business cooperative, making connections to the benefits of cooperative business in regards to economic development. Working With Small Business Cooperatives covers:
  • What are cooperatives and how might they help meet common objectives for economic opportunity, shared prosperity, and business success?
  • What are the key similarities and difference between small business cooperatives and other small businesses
  • How small business cooperatives are uniquely suited to supporting entrepreneurship
  • How cooperatives work for communities
  • The 5 Cs of Credit for Cooperatives
  • Diverse Financing for Cooperatives
  • and more

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