November 15, 2017
The latest State of the Sector report by the Democracy at Work Institute and U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives covers research on worker-owned enterprises through 2015. Three years into surveying worker cooperatives on a national scale, we are positioned to analyze stability and change—demographically, and in terms of business performance, wages, and benefits. Download the report here
October 19, 2017
Together, let’s show off the worker cooperative movement The US Federation of Worker Cooperatives and the Democracy at Work Institute invites you to participate in our annual census to study the economic and social benefits of worker cooperatives. This is an opportunity to contribute to a major, ongoing research that will not only help shape the future for worker cooperatives in the US, it will also help us to show off just the strong, meaningful, and rapid growth of our sector. When we know... more
October 4, 2017
The Democracy at Work Institute is happy to celebrate co-op month with the rest of the movement! As we continue to see the growth of worker-owned businesses and a widespread understanding of the model, we renew our commitment to training and equipping leaders in the sector and being the “think and do” tank that helps the worker cooperative movement to grow strategically. We are at a tipping point in awareness of the worker cooperative structure; as the legislation like the WORK Act and the ... more
November 14, 2016
The US Federation of Worker Cooperatives and the Democracy at Work Institute, affiliated organizations working together to grow a powerful grassroots movement for worker ownership in the United States, join forces in our support for the Movement for Black Lives. We sign on to the Vision for Black Lives, and we pledge our combined energy and resources to work toward community control and economic justice based on “ownership, not merely access” for Black communities.  At this critical historical... more
January 6, 2016
DAWI congratulates graduates of our 2015 Fellowship for Worker Cooperative Developers! The Fellowship supports the creation of larger, networked and impactful worker cooperatives in the United States by building the skills, leadership and strategic orientation of practitioners. DAWI’s learning cohorts create strong communities of practice among peers and across generations of developers. Here are the ten worker cooperative developers who completed DAWI’s year-long Fellowship: Amy Beres, Rocky... more
August 12, 2015
    UPDATE: On 8/12 Governor Jerry Brown signed AB816, creating a worker cooperative statute in California. For a full press release, see this article from the Sustainable Economies Law Center.   -------------------------------------   UPDATE: On 7/13, the California State Senate passed AB816 39-0. Three days later, the California State Assembly voted to pass the Senate's Amendments. The bill is now going to Governor Jerry Brown, and he will likely make a decision in the next two weeks. For... more
July 15, 2015
The Democracy at Work Institute is Hiring! We are looking for experienced, self-directed, and collaborative staff to join our dynamic national organization supporting the field of worker cooperative development.  We are hiring a Business Strategist and a Local Initiatives Organizer. Applications are due by August 11, 2015. Check out our Job Posting page for more information.
June 30, 2015
The Democracy at Work Institute has created a fellowship program to support the current and next generation of worker cooperative development leaders and their organizations to engage with the question of scale: what does scale mean, how can coop developers incorporate approaches to scale in their work, what tools and relationships are needed to build scale? As cities across the U.S. are looking to worker cooperatives as a form of job creation and wealth building, DAWI took our fellows on a... more
June 26, 2015
As cities throughout the country explore innovative ways to invest in building economies that meet the needs of all residents in sustainable ways, New York City is leading the way by supporting the development of local, worker-owned businesses. On June 23, 2015, the City Council approved a second year of funding for the Worker Cooperative Business Development Initiative, expanding its commitment to support cooperative businesses that are owned and controlled by residents of New York City.  All... more
April 27, 2015
For financial institutions looking to create deep and lasting impact, worker cooperatives are a powerful tool for economic and community development. They reduce inequality by allowing a greater segment of the population to build assets through business ownership. They combat poverty by providing access to employment for marginalized populations. And they strengthen local economies by rooting businesses in their communities. Currently, there are an estimated 300-400 worker cooperatives in the... more