We're teaming up with Rutgers University on a Participatory Management Certificate Program

Our School of Democratic Management is evolving and growing!

DAWI is thrilled to partner with Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations to offer this Certificate Program in Participatory Management. This partnership helps us increase our reach and better share the knowledge to make all values-driven businesses stronger.

The New Jersey/New York Center for Employee Ownership at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) and the Democracy at Work Institute today announced a new program to help organizations increase engagement and productivity by giving a voice to rank-and-file workers. Modeled on the successful strategies used by many employee-owned companies, the Participatory Management Certificate Program can help businesses boost their bottom line.

“When employees participate in decision-making and understand how their organization creates financial value, they can better contribute to the success of the business,” said Professor Bill Castellano, executive director of the New Jersey/New York Center for Employee Ownership. “More and more organizations are striving to create this kind of entrepreneurial culture as they wrestle with economic and global challenges.”

Rutgers studies show employee-owned firms have higher productivity, lower turnover, and more stable employment. To help more organizations reap these benefits—even if they are not employee-owned—Rutgers researchers teamed up with the respected practitioners at the Democracy at Work Institute to design an intensive certificate program that combines case studies, research, and practical applications.

Geared toward managers in large firms, small businesses, cooperatives, and non-profits, the program will show participants how to create a values-driven, participatory work environment by:

  • Improving transparency when sharing information
  • Empowering employees in decision-making
  • Developing a management style that fosters participation
  • Engaging employees and promoting their growth
  • Building organizational citizenship and a high-involvement organization

“Our aim is to aggregate and share the enormous wisdom contained within employee-owned companies,” said Melissa Hoover, executive director of the Democracy at Work Institute. “While this program offers clear benefits to the managers of the wave of companies transitioning to employee ownership, any company with an interest in employee engagement and participation should find it valuable. Employee-owned businesses are really the standard-bearers for innovative and effective practices in the management of participatory workplaces, and now these are widely available to learn from.”

The five-day program will take place at Rutgers University in Fall 2019 (dates to be announced) and other locations nationally in the coming years. An online version is planned for 2020.

About Us

The New Jersey/New York Center for Employee Ownership provides education and technical assistance to businesses exploring an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP), equity compensation, or worker co-op. The Center is located within the Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing at the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations.

The Democracy at Work Institute is the nation’s leading training and development organization for worker cooperatives, bringing together best practices from highly successful companies to grow and strengthen employee ownership in the U.S.

Steve Flamisch, Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations
848.252.9011 (cell), steve.flamisch [at] smlr.rutgers.edu

Bill Castellano, New Jersey/New York Center for Employee Ownership: castellano [at] smlr.rutgers.edu
Melissa Hoover, Democracy at Work Institute: mhoover [at] institute.coop