Information for Start-Ups

With the growing number of start-up worker cooperatives, we have pulled together helpful resources, information, and tools to support your business development. We'll be adding more to resources in the coming weeks.

More details coming soon on how the Institute is able to support start-up worker cooperaratives. In the meantime, please find helpful resources listed below and browse the full Resource Library

Resources for Start-Ups

A Technology Freelancers' Guide to Starting a Worker Cooperative

Jim Johnson and Brent Emerson
this guide is about worker cooperatives: businesses owned and controlled by the people who work in them. The worker-members own the business and return its profits to themselves based on how much they work for the co-op. They control the co-op, perhaps by electing a Board of Directors which makes policy and hires managers to organize their work. This hierarchical structure is common in medium and large worker co-ops, just like the other co-op sectors. But small worker co-ops are usually run collectively.