We have assembled a powerful library of tools and resources for researchers, cooperative developers, cooperative members and anyone else who wants to read about and learn from the worker cooperative movement.

Our library contains over 300 pieces of scholarship from the last 30 years of work on worker ownership -- everything from economic analysis to case studies on organizational dynamics. The scholarship is a rich mix of academic work and practitioner work; we think the cross-pollination between the two is where the value lies.

It also contains models and working documents from worker cooperatives across the country. Need a set of bylaws? Want to see a personnel manual for a worker cooperative? How about evaluation forms? Governance policies? You are in the right place!

You can browse the library by user type, or take a look at the whole thing all at once. To search by target audience, use the drop-down menus above. To browse the whole library, just select the browse option, and get searching. 

Our resources also include an online database of all the worker cooperative initiatives and technical assistance providers we know of - search to find the worker cooperative in your area.