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El Estado del Sector de Cooperativas de Trabajo de 2017

Tim Palmer

Cubriendo cinco años del progreso empresarial, El Estado del Sector de Cooperativas de Trabajo de 2017 es un informe sobre las empresas que son propiedad de los trabajadores en los Estados Unidos. Este informe es una coproducción entre el Instituto de Democracia en el Trabajo y la Federación de Cooperativas de Trabajadores de los Estados Unidos, basándonos en los últimos desarrollos en el campo y profundizando nuestra comprensión del sector.

Forget Venture Capitalists—This Scrappy Composting Co-Op Found Another Way to Get Startup Money

Laura Flanders

At age 60, when many of her friends are considering retirement, Josefina Luna is chair of the board of CERO Cooperative Inc. CERO is a five-member worker-owned cooperative on a mission to encourage composting and create jobs in the hard-up Boston neighborhoods of Roxbury, Dorchester, and East Boston. It's a small but unusually diverse team: Of the five worker-owners, two are African-American, two are Latinas, and one is white. They communicate in English and Spanish.

Worker Cooperatives - Pathways to Scale

Hilary Abell

This is an exciting time to be engaged with worker cooperatives. The worker cooperative model has stood the test of time; its foundations have been in place since 1844, when the Rochdale Pioneers developed their creative response to the suffering of displaced workers during the Industrial Revolution. Since 2008, the Great Recession has inspired more and more workers, advocates, and community developers to bring their creativity and energy to the next generation of the cooperative movement, fueling an explosion of co-op-related discussion and initiatives.


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