Preliminary Census of Worker Cooperatives in the United States

Melissa Hoover, with support from Logan Harris and Amy Johnson

The purpose of this study is to get as current and accurate a count as possible of the worker cooperatives and democratic workplaces in the United States. Some previous counts were done in the 2000s, and most recently the University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives' study of the economic impact of cooperatives included worker cooperatives. But there were issues with all of these studies, and moreover none of them gathered data on longevity.

Weavers of Dreams: Founders of the Modern Co-operative Movement

David J. Thompson
This book provides a rich history of the Rochdale Pionners and highlights the important role the town of Rochdale pplayed in ushering in the Industrial Revolution. It records the economic and social conditions facing the working place people of Northern England during the first half of the nineteenth century. It also uncovers the influence of the British Cooperative movement of the 19th Centur on the development of national policies in such areas as consumer standards, women's rights, and popular education


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