2016 Worker Cooperative State of the Sector Report

Democracy at Work Institute

The 2016 State of the Sector report, a co-production of  the Democracy at Work Institute and U.S. Federation of Worker Cooperatives covers research on worker-owned enterprises through 2016. Covering the last four years in worker cooperative progress on a national scale, this publication deepens our understanding of the growth of worker cooperatives and democratic workplaces across the US. As we grow the depth in years of our data, we see a continual modest pace of growth since 2013, with noticeable positive trends in places like New York City, Denver, Seattle, and Los Angeles.


New to this year’s survey, we now can differentiate between startup businesses that were incubated with the assistance of cooperative developers and those that were largely self-started. Entry wages continue to stay between $10-13 per hour, and the pay ratio at the vast majority of worker cooperatives is exponentially below the average large U.S. corporation.


We are grateful to the supporters of this work, and especially to the participating worker cooperatives and democratic businesses for your involvement.


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