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Sectoral Strategies for Low-Income Workers: Lessons from the Field

Maureen Conway, Amy Blair, Steven L. Dawson, Linda Dworak-Munoz
This publication reviews examples of sectoral strategies particularly those that are meeting the needs of low-income workers who face daunting challenges in the labor market. It advances the notion that the dual customer approach to workforce development - one that meets the needs of both the worker and employer - is the optimal approach. It addresses the concept that sound sector strategies can enhance the opportunity for the poor to find employment, retain employment and increase income, and make the nation's businesses more globally competitive.

Employee-Ownership Briefing Paper 1.3

Ownership Associates, Inc.
In the 28 years since Congress established Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs), over 10,000 U.S. companies have adopted and maintained ESOPs—dozens of studies have evaluated the effects of ESOP on company performance. After reviewing the research literature, Dr. Douglas Kruse concluded: “25 years of research shows that employee ownership often leads to higher-performing workplaces and better compensation and work lives for employees.” Study 1 (below) indicates that this “ownership effect” averages 2 to 3% per year on a variety of measures.

The Valley Alliance of Worker Co-operatives:Exploring the Potential of Co-op Led Development

Erbin Crowell
[Excerpt] Toward the end of my time with Equal Exchange, I came into contact with members of the co-ops that make up the Valley Alliance of Worker Co-ops (VAWC). I was impressed by the tradition of collective management among these co-ops and the manner in which they had come together to begin developing a network of mutual support in their region. The number and diversity of the enterprises represented in the network was very different from my experience of worker co-ops as isolated enterprises.

The Cooperative District of Imola: Forging the High Road to Globalization

Matt Hancock
This paper represents a sort of “progress report” with respect to my field research on the cooperative district of Imola. Imola is an extremely unique social and economic “experiment” in democratic, alternative development. Home to some of Italy's oldest cooperatives – and probably the first worker-buyout as well – Imola is literally a town that has cooperation in its DNA.