Enabling Policy Environments for Cooperative Development: A Comparative Experience

Monica Juarez Adeler
This research report identifies policies, structures, and financing mechanisms that can inform the development of appropriate models for Manitoba as well as suppot sector-controlled and self-sustaining co-operative development organizations. In so doing the report analyzes the context and history, sector infrastructure, tax legislation, and policies impacting cooperative development in Spain (Mondragon Co-op), Italy (the Emilia Romagna region), Quebec, and Manitoba.

Sustainable Economic Democracy: Worker Cooperatives for the 21st Century

Nicholas Luviene, Amy Stitely, Lorlene Hoyt
This guide explores the worker cooperative network as a neighborhood, municipal and regional strategy for generating wealth. It presents two examples: the well-established Mondragon Complex in Spain and the nascent Evergreen Cooperative Initiative in Cleveland Ohio. Drawing from these two cases the authors then put forth a general framework for building a scalable cooperative network in post-industrial American cities.
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