Here are some conversion resources for worker cooperatives.

Staff picks


Title Format Source
Democratic Management: A Practical Guide for Managers and Others PDF Democracy at Work Institute
Workers to Owners 2019 Data Brief PDF Workers to Owners
2017 Workers to Owners Annual Impact Report PDF
A Brief Guide to Understanding Employee Ownership Structures PDF The Democracy at Work Institute
Successful Cooperative Ownership Transitions: Case Studies on the Conversion of Privately Held Businesses to Worker Cooperatives PDF University of Wisconsin Center for Cooperatives and Democracy at Work Institute
Becoming Employee-Owned PDF Democracy At Work Institute
Innovative Financial Models to Spur Worker to Owner Conversions Concerned Capital
Industry Research Series: Craft Beer PDF Democracy at Work Institute
Small Business Ownership Succession: The Cooperative Solution PDF Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund, Northcountry Cooperative Foundation
Decisions in the Process of Business Transition (Who Decides What?) PDF Democracy at Work Institute
Conversions Timeline PDF
Projecting the Long-Term Consequences of ESOP vs. Co-op Conversion of a Firm on Employee Benefits and Company Cash PDF Center for Cooperatives, University of California; Democratic Business Association of Northern California
The Lending Opportunity of a Generation: FAQs and Case Studies for Investing in Businesses Converting to Worker Ownership PDF Cooperative Fund of New England, Project Equity, Democracy at Work Institute
An Owner’s Guide to Business Succession Planning PDF Ohio Employee Ownership Center
Conversion Brochure (OEOC) PDF
Becoming Employee Owned: A Small Business Toolkit for Transitioning to Employee Ownership PDF
Case Studies: Business Conversions to Worker Cooperatives PDF Project Equity
Introduction to Worker Cooperative Business Transition Planning Democracy at Work Institute
The 1042 roll-over cooperative in practice PDF Ohio Employee Ownership Center, Kent University
Employee Ownership: A Triple Win Solution PDF
Selling Your Business to Your Employees - Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP) & Worker-Owned Cooperatives PDF Ohio Employee Ownership Center
Legal Guide to Cooperative Conversions PDF Sustainable Economies Law Center
First Response: Save the Jobs (presentation) PDF US Federation of Worker Cooperatives
Ensuring Your Legacy: Succession Planning & Democratic Employee Ownership. PDF ICA Group
Legacy Business: Our opportunity to build wealth, economy, and culture PDF
The Rural Succession Dilemma and the Cooperative Solution PDF Democracy At Work Institute
What is Your Business Really Worth? PDF Prairie Capital Advisors
The Transition Process PDF Democracy at Work Institute