The Municipal Playbook for Employee Ownership

Zen Trenholm (DAWI) and Kyle Funk (NLC)

The Democracy at Work Institute and the National League of Cities have developed The Municipal Playbook for Employee Ownership to assist with integrating employee ownership into municipal economic and workforce development strategies. It offers three approaches that address specific pain points faced by many municipalities:

Raising Our Future Together: How Cooperatives Can Create Better, More Affordable Child Care in NYC

Anh-Thu Nguyen, Tim Palmer, Osman Ahmed

The development of worker cooperative child care providers, from centers to in-home providers to nannies, should be included as part of a long-term strategy to address affordable childcare in New York City. This report, co-authored by DAWI and FPWA, spells out key recommendations that the Mayor’s office and City Council could implement to increase access to child care while increasing the quality of child care jobs.

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