Recursos para desarrollar cooperativas sin fines de lucro (V0.5)

Demcracy at Work Network



- Estudio de caso sobre el desarrollo de cooperativas de trabajadores
- Un Ejemplo de Cronograma del Desarrollo de una Cooperativa

Evalúan su Capacidad

- Hoja de Trabajo: Modelo para desarrollar tu cooperative
- Hoja de Trabajo: Su Organizacion y la Nueva Cooperativa
- Hoja de Trabajo: Habilidades para el negocio: ?Tienen lo que necesitan?
- Hoja de Trabajo: Envuesta de necesidades
- Hoja de Trabajo: Cronograma de Desarrollo

United States Federation of Worker Co-operatives

Aaron Dawson, Ann Favreau and Sandra Gorman
We will be using the US Federation of Worker Co-operatives (USFWC) as the example to examine the larger question of “authority versus liberty”; of which authority can be defined as a federation where co-operatives are members of a larger organization and therefore limiting individuals control over certain aspects and decisions; and of which liberty can be defined as the autonomy of individual co-operatives and their members to control their fate.

Social Coops and Social Care: An Emerging Role for Civil Society

John Restakis
Over the last twenty years, a profound change has taken place in the relationship between citizens and their governments. In the western democracies, the gradual transformation of social care into a commercial commodity has fundamentally altered the role of government as the primary provider of social care and public welfare. This change in the relations between the state and the citizenry has been marked by starkly different perspectives, deep conflict, and the radical realignment of social and state institutions.


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