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Local Development in Emilia-Romagna: Alternatives in Action

Matt Hancock
Immediately following World War II, Emilia-Romagna was one of the last regions in Italy in terms of standard of living. Today, Emilia-Romagna is one of the top 20 most prosperous regions in Europe. Emilia- Romagna has the highest per capita income in Italy and the most equitable distribution of wealth: wages are high, and the difference between rich and poor is lower than anywhere else on the peninsula.

Industrial districts and inter-firm co-operation in Italy

F. Pyke, 0. Becattini and W. Sengenberger
Whilst economies all over the world in the late 1970s and 1980s set into recession and stagnation, frequently accompanied by serious deteriorations in labour and social conditions, rising unemployment, and insecurity, a few localities stood out as exhibiting a remarkable resilience and even growth. They were engaged in a variety of industries, and included not only advanced sectors but also more traditional, labour-intensive ones, and thereby posed a challenge to those who have argued that such economic activities can no longer succeed in high wage industrialised countries. Thus,

Jobs and the Urban Poor: Privately Initiated Sectoral Strategies

Peggy Clark, Steven L. Dawson, Amy J. Kays, Frieda Molina, Rick Surpin
This research report looks at the experience of community-based organizations that have undertaken sectoral employment development strategies, and attempts to define these strategies and assess their impact. It's purpose is is to spread the idea that the poor can participate in the competitive economy, to illuminate the practice of using a single industry or occupation to create jobs and economic opportunity for the poor, and to promote the concept that poverty alleviation is linked to economic development.


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