Taking Employee Ownership To Scale

Camille Kerr, Marjorie Kelly, Jessica Bonanno
Affiliated Organization: 
Democracy at Work Institute, The Democracy Collaborative

On June 13 and 14 in Washington, DC, many of the nation’s leading experts in employee ownership, sustainable business and finance, community and economic development, and philanthropy came together in a Learning + Design session. Co-hosts for the meeting were Marjorie Kelly and Jessica Bonanno of The Democracy Collaborative and Camille Kerr of Democracy at Work Institute. The purpose of the session was to discuss how to achieve unprecedented scale of employee ownership by focusing on achieving an audacious goal: 50 million U.S. employee-owners by 2050. If achieved, it would make the U.S. the world leader in percent of worker owners – and fundamentally transform ownership of our economy, creating new wealth-building opportunities for millions of Americans.


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