Request for Expression of Interest: Preferred Providers of Feasibility Studies & Business Planning

Request Issued by: Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI)
Date of issuance: 11/01/2022
Closing date: Rolling
Title: Preferred Providers of Feasibility Studies and Business Planning

The Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI) works in partnership with cities, educational institutions, and community-based organizations across the nation to serve impacted communities by building worker-owned LLC businesses in their geography and/or industry. 

Request for Expression of Interest
This request is intended to obtain details concerning the interest and qualifications of consultants in the anticipated requirements described herein. DAWI invites eligible consultants to indicate their interest in providing services to support our worker cooperative development projects. 

This request is intended to identify, vet, and shortlist a pool of firms or individuals that can be contracted for feasibility study and business planning assignments in the coming years. This is not a request for proposal for a specific project or contract. 

Description of Anticipated Tasks & Deliverables:
Assisting clients in evaluating markets by performing feasibility studies, market analyses, and other research projects. More specifically:

  • Financial Feasibility Study, including assessment of cost-benefit analysis and the amount of investment required to achieve the desired profit. E.g. return on investment assessment.
  • Market Feasibility Study, including assessment of the industry, the existing marketing characteristics and potential improvements, the growth evident and needed, and the competitive environment of the company’s products and services. E.g. sales projections.
  • Business Plan, including market analysis and strategy, services and products, marketing and sales plan, competitive analysis, operating plan, and financial projections and needs.

DAWI is seeking consultants for immediate opportunities in the industries of (a) food entrepreneurship and (b) professional services. 

DAWI anticipates future opportunities for projects across industries, with a specific focus on service sectors including:

  • Care industries (home care and child care)
  • Professional services (e.g. interpretation, translation, bookkeeping, promotores, administration)
  • Technology services
  • Cleaning services
  • Car wash services
  • Taxi services
  • Marijuana retail
  • Generalists to explore multiple industry options for business startup

Key Qualifications

  • Business acumen and high analytical, numerical ability to interpret large quantity of data and identify trends and discrepancies through financial and statistical analysis
  • Experience working with small businesses, with a focus on mission-driven businesses led by and  connected with immigrant and BIPOC communities
  • Interpersonal, communication, problem solving and negotiation skills
  • Knowledge of worker cooperatives and small businesses models and sector specific trends 
  • Ability and experience developing pro forma financial statements and projections for small businesses 
  • Experience, cultural competency, and comfort with interaction with diverse stakeholders and various subject experts connected to immigrant communities

General Instructions
To submit your qualifications, please submit this form providing the following:

  • Contact information
  • Resume or brief presentation of capacity including relevant experience and years in business
  • Industries of expertise, if applicable
  • Desired rates for compensation for work - hourly or otherwise
  • 2 examples of past work may be attached
  • 2 recent client references, that can attest to the skills and competencies needed for this project
  • Any applicable status as a small business, employee-owned business, minority-owned business, immigrant-led business, women-owned business, and other historically marginalized businesses

Please note: Inclusion in the roster does not represent a guarantee that a particular firm will receive a contract for services. DAWI will evaluate the qualifications of consultants on the roster to select the most qualified consultant for individual projects. DAWI may request from qualified consultants an oral presentation or written response to a more specific and detailed statement of work.