A Message to Stop AAPI Hate



A rise in hatred against the Asian American and Pacific Islander community has led to heartbreaking violence across the country. We are devastated at DAWI by the year-long increase in violence against AAPI elders, women, businesses, and workers. We stand in solidarity with our staff, family, friends, and neighbors against these violent manifestations of hatred and those whose silence enables them.

From scapegoating AAPI communities throughout the pandemic to the racially motivated murder of six women in Atlanta this month, there is no room for racism in our communities. We must condemn hateful speech at every turn, as it leads—time and time again—to action. We must report instances of violence, as they spur more violence when unchecked. At DAWI, we dedicate each day to creating better economic opportunities for workers locked out of good jobs. We prioritize workers of color, inclusive of AAPI workers. But providing better opportunities does not begin and end with increased opportunities for shared small business ownership. Creating opportunities requires actively opposing racial injustices in policy and practice, speaking out against hatred, and speaking up for and with AAPI communities.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected some communities more than others. Asian American businesses were impacted first and hardest as hate speech stoked racist fears about virus spread. It’s important to recognize that, while violence against Asian American and Pacific Islanders has reached record numbers, it did not start one year ago. Racism is woven into the fabric of American society. We stand united today on National Virtual Day of Action and Healing for AAPI, but opposing centuries of racism requires more than a single day of public declarations. Sustained support and healing require a commitment to justice to be woven into the daily fabric of our individual and organizational lives. When we do this together, we can ensure hateful speech and violence have no home in our communities. Together, we can #StopAsianHate.

Here are five things you can do today to stand up for the AAPI community:

  1. Seek out and read bout the experiences of AAPI people. A great place to start is the collection of stories captured by Asian Americans Advancing Justice in Learn about AAPI experiences with racism from Stand Against Hatred.
  2. Recognize and call out racism—both overt and subtle—in your daily life. If you witness violence, report it. Stop AAPI Hate provides these tips for those who experience or witness hate.
  3. Volunteer to walk alongside elders in your community. Compassion Oakland provides resources for those who want a chaperone and those seeking to volunteer.
  4. Support Asian American-owned businesses. Think!Chinatown in New York City and Feed + Fuel Chinatown in the Bay Area have organized opportunities to support local businesses recover from COVID-19 impacts. Asia in Dallas maintains a directory of local Asian American-owned businesses to support. 
  5. Donate or support AAPI communities as you’re able using this list from Asian Americans/Pacific Islanders in Philanthropy. NYMag’s list of 68 ways to donate in support of Asian communities may also be helpful.