New Member Orientation Templates

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Democracy at Work Institute
New members need basic training in how to own and operate their business cooperatively, but many workplaces don't have a standard curriculum or time to invent one from scratch.  DAWI has created a set of templates to lay the groundwork for orienting new members.  These templates can be used as-is for a general orientation, adapted by workplaces and developers to meet specific needs, or tailored by DAWI upon request.   The topics are
  • Communication
  • Accountability
  • Governance
  • Finance
Special thanks to the Arizmendi Association, Equal Exchange, and ICA Group for inspiring portions of these templates.
Linked here is a .pdf of the combined set of slides. To request a free editable version, or to enlist DAWI to tailor new member orientations to meet your needs, contact Joe Marraffino at jmarraffino [at]     
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