"El Proceso Legal Para Iniciar Tu Negocio Cooperativa"

East Bay Community Law Clinic, Sustainable Economies Law Center
¿Qué son las cooperativas de trabajadores? Las cooperativas de trabajadores son entidades de negocio que están (1) en posesión de los trabajadores, (2) gobernadas por los trabajadores, y (3) operadas por y para el beneficio de los trabajadores. Puesto que las cooperativas son propiedad y están controladas por y para los empleados que trabajan allá, son operadas diferentemente de las empresas tradicionales en unos aspectos clave

Creating Jobs through Cooperative Development

Nancy Conover, Frieda Molina, Karin Morris
This study highlights economic development cooperatives in California in an attempt to analyze the factors most influential in creating and sustaining ventures that are both economically viable and member-governed. It documents the goals of the founders and the members of California cooperatives in the service sector, and determines the extent to whcih the goals have been realized.

Does Cooperation Equal Utopia?

By means of qualitative analysis, this paper examines the organisational cultures underlying three worker cooperatives in the San Francisco Bay Area. 20 workers were interviewed and the transcripts were subsequently analysed along Edgar Schein's cultural framework. The findings show that overall the culture of these worker cooperatives is people-centred: the wellbeing of the workers comes first and the concern for making a profit comes only second.
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