Coop Developers

United States Federation of Worker Co-operatives

Aaron Dawson, Ann Favreau and Sandra Gorman
We will be using the US Federation of Worker Co-operatives (USFWC) as the example to examine the larger question of “authority versus liberty”; of which authority can be defined as a federation where co-operatives are members of a larger organization and therefore limiting individuals control over certain aspects and decisions; and of which liberty can be defined as the autonomy of individual co-operatives and their members to control their fate.

The Anchor Mission: Leveraging the Power of Anchor Institutions to Build Community Wealth: A Case Study of University Hospitals Vision 2020 Program Cleveland, Ohio

Farzana Serang, J. Phillip Thompson, Ted Howard
This case study discusses a pathbreaking strategy in Cleveland, Ohio, that addressed the economic challenges facing the city by generating local wealth, economic opportunity, and jobs. The strategy involved the expansion of the University Hospitals, an important anchor institution. The study is based on in-depth interviews with key stakeholders.

Sustainable Economic Democracy: Worker Cooperatives for the 21st Century

Nicholas Luviene, Amy Stitely, Lorlene Hoyt
This guide explores the worker cooperative network as a neighborhood, municipal and regional strategy for generating wealth. It presents two examples: the well-established Mondragon Complex in Spain and the nascent Evergreen Cooperative Initiative in Cleveland Ohio. Drawing from these two cases the authors then put forth a general framework for building a scalable cooperative network in post-industrial American cities.


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