Here are some governance resources for worker cooperatives.

Staff picks


Title Format Source
28 questions to ask before meeting the lawyer PDF Katovich & Kassan Law Group
A Brief Guide to Understanding Employee Ownership Structures PDF The Democracy at Work Institute
Worker Cooperative Governance and Management (Prezi) Presentation US Federation of Worker Cooperatives / DAWN Advisors
Cooperatives and Public Policy, A Partnership in Progress: Using the Worker Co-op Model to Build Community Wealth PDF
28 preguntas: ¿Estas pensando en empezar una cooperativa de trabajadores? Unas preguntas para revisar antes de reunirse con un abogado PDF Katovich & Kassan Law Group
The Design of Governance Systems for Worker Cooperatives PDF ICA Group
Ensuring Cannabis Equity Through Shared Ownership PDF Democracy at Work Institute
United States Federation of Worker Co-operatives St. Mary's University
Inclusive Capitalism for the American Workforce: Reaping the Rewards of Economic Growth through Broad-based Employee Ownership and Profit Sharing PDF Center for American Progress
The Worker Co-operative Code PDF Cooperatives UK
Firm Foundations for Democracy? Worker Ownership and Control in Advanced Capitalism [ppt] Presentation Foundation for Enterprise Development
Worker Cooperative Support System in NYC [ppt] Presentation MIT
Quién decide qué Word Processor Document Democracy at Work Institute
Recursos para desarrollar cooperativas sin fines de lucro (V0.5) PDF
Providing the Right Support: Are the Training Needs of Multi-Stakeholder Cooperatives Unique? PDF University of Wisconin Center for Cooperatives
The Valley Alliance of Worker Co-operatives:Exploring the Potential of Co-op Led Development PDF St. Mary's University
Social Coops and Social Care: An Emerging Role for Civil Society PDF unknown
Responsabilidades De Toma De Decisiones PDF ICA Group
Frontiers and Boundaries (introduction) PDF Ownership Associates
Estructura Democrática de Autogestión PDF Rainbow Grocery Cooperative
Matrices del Manejo Participativo PDF Round Sky Solutions
Multi-stakeholder Membership Structures and Strategic Development: the Case of Food-sector Cooperatives in Quebec PDF
Seeding Equity: A New Community-Based Model of Public Investment in Worker Cooperatives for Excluded Workers PDF