Rural Cooperative Development Grant Technical Assistance Provider


Project Name: Rural Cooperative Development Grant Technical Assistance Provider  

RFP Issue Date: 10/1/2022
Response Due Date: 10/28/2022
Contract Start Date: 10/31/2022

Project Overview and Qualifications  

DAWI seeks a technical assistance provider to work with new, emerging, and converting worker-owned cooperatives in rural communities across the country. Applicants must have demonstrated experience in areas of work outlined in the scope, strong relationships and credibility within the world of democratic workplaces and the ability to activate those workplaces to participate,  and show that they have the ability to coordinate peer advisors from democratic workplaces. 

About DAWI 

The Democracy at Work Institute is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit movement-based think-and-do tank that expands the promise of cooperative business ownership to communities most directly affected by economic, social, and racial inequality. We do research and advocacy; we develop tools and new models; we train worker-owners and developers; and we build cooperative development capacity to ensure that further growth in the worker cooperative movement reaches low-income people, people of color and recent immigrants. In all our work, as well as internal operations, we strive to embody our organizational values of Excellence, Equity, Entrepreneurialism, Collaboration, and Human-Centeredness.

Scope of Work 

Anticipated project period: 10/1/2022 - 9/30/2023
Anticipated project budget:  $50,000

The Democracy at Work Institute seeks a qualified partner to provide support on a wide range of initiatives. We anticipate that the project deliverables, milestones and level of effort will be as outlined in this chart. Milestones and descriptions are preliminary and we welcome extra detail in proposals. 

Work Area Description Suggested Milestones/Deliverables
Ujamaa Cooperative Farming Alliance Provide structure and governance support for the Ujamaa Cooperative Farming Alliance, a BIPOC-led cooperative of seed producers in rural Maryland.
  • Support with the launch
  • Develop growth plan
Beck's Bakery Conversion support for a converting bakery business in Humboldt County
  • Incorporation of business
  • Support with setting up financial systems
New Framework Construction Training for 20-person company in Montpelier, VT to support expanding and diversifying workforce
  • Develop an on-boarding training for new workers.
  • Develop a participation structure.
Factory Amsterdam Conversion support for a small manufacturing facility in upstate NY
  • Finalize and file new operating agreement for converting LLC
Sweet Sol Hot Sauce Black youth-led cooperative that is growing inputs for and making hot sauce.
  • Provide general startup guidance, governance documents, accountability and evaluation systems, and a member engagement plan.
lowercase games Video game developer tech worker cooperative startup.
  • Provide loan application support, governance documents, and business plan development.
  • Incorporation
Bloom Coffee Coffee shop starting as conventional business with plans to convert.
  • Support the new cooperative train and onboard new members in cooperative governance.
  • Incorporation
Phoenix Co-op of neurodiverse people with disabilities providing transportation and accessibility services.
  • Support with developing governance structures.
Filipino Farmers Cooperative Startup farm in rural Southern California of Filipino farmworkers.
  • Support with financial projections, governance structures and general startup guidance.
Working Hands Farmer Cooperative A small organic CSA farm located on River Road in Hillsboro, Oregon.
  • Democratic processes documents (Member rights and responsibilities, Member Trial Period policy, Member Capital Contributions amount and payment options, Decision-making process document, Board and committee roles and responsibilities, Chart outlining decision making and distinguishing governance and operations)
  • Conflict Policy
Redwood Roots Farm This is a collaboration with Coop Humboldt. 30 year old CSA with hundreds of members.
  • Completed Bylaws review and land purchase / founders equity plan
Cooperation Humboldt Cooperation Humboldt helps to build a solidarity economy on California’s North Coast.
  • Support with developing a cooperative education program.
Unlimited Future Black-led small business development organization in Hunington, WV.
  • Provide training series on cooperative business planning.
FIELD Rural farmworker support organization with hundreds of mostly Latinx farmworker members.
  • Support with a co-op business training curriculum.
  • Assist with clarifying FIELD’s role as a co-op incubator.
Hard Deliverables Deliverables
Rural Businesses assisted: 43
Rural Coops assisted: 10
Coops incorporated: 4
Rural Jobs saved: 11
Rural Jobs created: 5
Training Events Training Events hosted by the USFWC at which there are likely to be rural attendees. These include but are not limited to:
Coop Clinic Trainings
Monthly What is a Worker Coop? Trainings
Member trainings and meetings
Attendance lists
Reporting The contractor will complete quarterly reports for DAWI staff to keep staff updated on progress, will use shared tracking tools, and will submit deliverables and written reports at mid-point and end of grant.

The contractor will submit a written mid-point report and a written final report.

As part of mid-point and final reports, the contractor will collect and submit written deliverables including: - sign-in sheets for all events, courses and TA events - copies of presentations and any final work product with clients - incorporation papers

Quarterly updates to shared tracking tools 12/31, 3/31, 6/30, 9/30

Mid-point report: 3/31/23
Final report: 9/15/23


Proposal Template


  • The response should include the following sections: 
    • Statement of Work 
    • A description of how the applicant will undertake the scope of  work, including key project milestones and/or deliverables
  • Organizational qualifications
    • An overview of why the applicant is qualified to do the work outlined in the scope 
  • Personnel 
    • Names and qualifications of the individuals that will execute this work 
    • Allocation and role of assigned staff 
    • Include a short bio and resumes of staff that will be allocated to the project 
  • Budget 
    • A standard line-item budget using the following categories:
      • Personnel
      • Fringe
      • Contractors
      • Travel
      • Supplies
      • Other [describe]

Proposal Submission Instructions

Organizations that meet the qualifications outlined in this document should submit their documents electronically in a single PDF. 

Proposals should be clearly written and describe the applicant’s understanding and plan to address the work described in the Scope section of this document. 

Project Name: Rural Cooperative Development Grant Technical Assistance Provider
RFP Issue Date: 10/1/2022
Response Due Date: 10/28/2022
Contract Start Date: 10/31/2022
Submission Email Address: vbransburg [at]
Submission Email Title:  Rural Cooperative Development Grant Technical Assistance Provider RFP Response