Legacy Business: Our opportunity to build wealth, economy, and culture

Together with Citi Community Development, Democracy at Work Institute (DAWI) is collaborating with National Urban League and key local leaders to enable more people to share in business assets in their communities– not through creating new businesses, but through leveraging and preserving assets already invested in communities, specifically by promoting shared ownership of existing businesses. 

2017 Workers to Owners Impact Report

Democracy at Work Institute
The Workers to Owners 2017 Annual Impact Report, produced by the Democracy at Work Institute, introduces the Workers to Owners Collaborative catalyzing a wave of business conversions to employee ownership at a moment of generational opportunity.  Led by a core practitioners group and convening the business, cooperative, community development, finance, and nonprofit sectors, the Collaborative advances worker cooperative conversions as a strategy for good jobs and equitable economic development. 

Case Studies: Business Conversions to Worker Cooperatives

Insights and Readiness Factors for Owners and Employees
  • Business Readiness Factors: Help businesses figure out how ready they are, and how they can set themselves up for a smoother and more successful transition to worker ownership
  • Motivations: Core reasons that business owners and employees decide to convert to a worker coop
  • Typology of Conversions: Four different types of worker coop conversions based on the situation of the owners and its employees
  • Case Studies: A dozen case studies of businesses that have converted to worker cooperatives


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