Find a Worker Coop

This directory of worker cooperatives and democratic workplaces in the US is a joint project of the US Federation of Worker Cooperatives and the Democracy at Work Institute.

If you have updated information on a listing in this directory or know of a worker cooperative or democractic workplace that is not listed, please let us know by completing this form

Organization City State Year Founded
hOurworld Portland ME 2011
Hub Bike Co-op 1990
Independent Fabrication Newmarket NH 1995
Inkworks Press Berkeley CA 1974
Interpreters' Cooperative of Madison Madison WI 2009
Interpreters' Cooperative of Madison Madison WI 2009
Isthmus Engineering and Manufacturing Madison WI 1980
Isthmus Engineering and Manufacturing Madison WI 1983
Ithaca Biodiesel Cooperative Ithaca NY 2007
Jet Video Cooperative Portland ME 2013
Juice Bar Collective Restaurant Berkeley CA 1976
Just Coffee Cooperative Madison WI 2006
Just Local Food Cooperative Eau Claire WI 2003
Just Seeds Cooperative Portland OR 2010
Just Walk Baltimore MD 2009
La Colectiva San Francisco CA 2009
La Finca del Sur/South Bronx Farmers Bronx NY 2009
Lakeside Printing Cooperative Madison WI 1980
Las Flores Metalarte PR 1974
Latino Farmers Cooperative of Louisiana, Inc. Saint Rose LA 2008
Laughing Horse Books Portland OR 1986
Left Bank Books Collective Seattle WA 1973
Liberty Ship Café davis CA 2012
Little Fox Food Coop Fox AR
Little Grill Collective Harrisonburg VA 2003
Little Grill Cooperative Harrisonburg VA 2003
Local Sprouts Cooperative Portland ME 2010
Local Sprouts Cooperative Portland ME 2010
Loconomics San Francisco CA
Lucy Parsons Center Jamaica Plane MA 1992
Lusty Lady/Looking Glass Co-op 2003
Magpie Messenger Collective Portland OR 2005
Maine Farm & Sea Cooperative Portland ME 2015
Mandela MarketPlace Oakland CA 2009
Manos Home Care 1989
Mariposa Food Co-op Philadelphia PA 1971
Market Forge Everett MA 1993
Maybeck High School Berkeley CA 1972
Meerkat Media Collective Brooklyn NY
Mess Kollective New York NY 2010
Mintwood Media Collective Washington DC 2000
Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative Berkeley CA 1971
Modern Times Bookstore San Francisco CA 1971
Monkeywrench Books Austin TX 2002
Moosewood Restaurant Ithica NY 1973
Mujeres del Canal Catering Collective (tied to Canal Alliance) San Rafael CA 2007
Nabolom Collective Bakery Berkeley CA 1976
Namaste Solar Boulder CO 2004
Native Green Gardening (Instituto de Educación Popular del Sur de California) Los Angeles CA 2010
Natural Home Cleaning Professionals Oakland CA 2003